My First Film Night!

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly three years since my first film A Very Seaside Murder was premiered at the Electric Palace Theatre in Old Town Hastings.

The cast in front of the screen look strangely happy – probably relieved it was all over!

Even the audience look happy – probably for similar reasons…

[ape-gallery 282]

You are now an Author!!

I have now changed everybody’s designation from subscriber to author!

This means that you can post your own stuff as opposed to just commenting on mine.

I await your contributions with interest…

A couple of local authors discussing their next post.

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First Day!

Those of you have managed to unlock the mysteries of subscribing will get this post – means I’m probably talking to myself at the moment!

Anyway, I’m sore eyed this morning – not from crying but from being up so late working on this site which I am loving by the way…

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