All The Presidents Men?

Various reports I have read regarding the now defunct Presidents club are extremely generalised  and use the term ‘the men’. I wonder  how many of the men were actually participating in this sort of lewd and aggressive behaviour out of the 360 who attended. I find it hard to believe that it was more than a small minority? Maybe, I’m naive? Others, are perfectly prepared to believe that it was nearly all the men.

Actually, the thing that I find most upsetting is the fact that some of the charities are now going to refund donations received. In the case of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital this amounts to some £530,000 and when you think about what that kind of money can do to help fund research, fight disease, buy vital equipment and make sick children a bit more comfortable my frustration knows no bounds.

Does returning the money make anything better?

No, returning donations actually makes the whole thing much worse and completely pointless. It has another effect which is to dissuade perfectly moral, well behaved businessmen (they do exist) that it’s probably not worth getting involved in charitable giving because, through no fault of your own, you can become guilty by association.

It reminds me that last August in a much more clear cut case (morally unambiguous!) men, dressed as nurses, who had for years carried out a charity bed push to raise money for the local health trust had their donation declined as some administrator thought their behaviour demeaned the medical profession..


Apparently, in this new moralistic world it is not enough to steal from the rich and give to the poor like Robin Hood did. You have to ensure that you are beyond reproach and are 100% free from impurities and that the people you stole from also have the same high values…

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  1. Totally agree where will the money to if returned , back into impure pockets ? Back in the 80’s there were suspicions about Doctors at GOSH but it was kept quiet because of the consequences . Hope no one reading this is going to do me under the official secrets act . Anyway who is white and clean .

  2. I agree it is a shame that so many lose out on the charity donation because of the behaviour of some. I am in no way condoning their behaviour but (and before I get slaughtered) surely the waitresses had some concerns when they found out the type of costume they were required to wear? Of course I wasn’t there but it was reported that the outfits didn’t leave much to the imagination. However it doesn’t and never will give those sort of men permission to behave like that.

  3. Can’t help but agree Nick. All gone too far. There was a fine line sometimes but now it seems to a big red road. The minority spoil it for the majority.
    If the club is now defunct where does the returned money go ?

  4. The story is still unfolding but although they raised £2 million on the night most of this has now been withdrawn by the bidders and/or the prizes withdrawn by the donors. It’s a big mess but the biggest losers are surely the charities…

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