Can you hear me?

Stupid question because if you can’t you can hardly answer this…

Lee mentioned that he wasn’t getting post notifications which surprised me as I had a special plugin (plugins are like little bits of software that you use on WordPress sites to do specific jobs) to notify users (that’s you!) when I post one of my fascinating posts…

I had actually set up a dummy account (careful!!) to make sure that this was working and that account has been working so I thought it was all ok? However, it turns out that I had not added this account to my notification plugin so I am completely flummoxed…

I have now deactivated the plugin but would like to hear from you as to whether you are getting notifications from me…

I would refer you two other things;

1, If you are using a password for this account that you use elsewhere then I will change it to one of mine as this site is not secure – like many of them – and although hacking can’t do any real damage your password could be found which means that it could be used against you. Actually there is no such thing as a totally secure site but lets not go there… Please let me know!

2, If you haven’t been logging in please go to a previous recent post Easy Login which will show you just how easy it is..

Love & kisses


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6 Replies to “Can you hear me?”

  1. I am getting email notifications.

    My login for this is totally different from all my others. There have been items that I would have left a comment, but couldn’t find a comment box.


  2. Hi Jan

    You found the comments box then? Actually it’s probably my fault! My posts are so long and the comment box is always at the bottom – not only of the post but also of the comments. This can mean quite a long scroll on occasions but they are all there – unlike me…

    You can even post a photo with a comment…



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