Done to a T

My world has been turned upside down in the last 24 hours…

It started with Peter asking me if I used an ‘infuser’ in my teapot when making Tea. I responded by saying of course not as I am a traditionalist! I measure in the tea provide the nearly boiling water and let it brew.

For me infusers have always been those pretentious little ball devices that posh places put into your teacups. I loathe that kind of snobbery – or, at least, what I perceived as snobbery.

The thing I have always disliked about the tea making process is disposing of the leaves from the pot. When I had a garden it was easy and even beneficial to put them on a compost heap. However, this is not so easy in a flat and straining the final liquid out and then spooning the remainder into a rubbish bag has always been a chore.

The other negative thing about not using an infuser is that as the liquid level goes down the leaves interfere with the flow of tea when you dispense it into a cup so that eventually, after much shaking and jiggling (both the teapot and myself!) it can become a little frustrating.

So, I found myself considering, in a surprisingly amenable way, the idea of an infuser and promptly ordered one from Amazon for the less than princely sum of £12.95.

I can say without fear of contradiction that it has changed my life! The first pot was a revelation. The fact that the leaves are suspended means that they have contact with the water on a much bigger surface area so that the resultant brew is much more characterful. Thus, as the liquid level decreases so does the contact with the leaves. So, unlike the old way of having a heap on the bottom of the teapot slowly making the liquid bitter, the lesser contact as the liquid level decreases means that the tea lasts longer better (technical term!).

I am actually drinking some warmed up tea from yesterday – and it still tastes ok! Finally, disposing of the tea is a doddle as you just remove the infuser and shake it into the rubbish bin (obviously, I meant organic waste container!) – or garden – if you have one…

What’s not to like? It’s marvellous, splendid and has put me into a good mood that could last for ages. At least ten minutes!

If you have never tried this method I urge you to give it a shot as it is truly marvellous and I vow to consider things much more carefully in the future before dismissing them as rubbish!

Like that’s going to happen…

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  1. I am thrilled with it! The difference is amazing and the tea doesn’t get bitter, there is no problem with flow and disposal of the used leaves is simple!

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