Life After Facebook – One week later

It’s been a week since I left Facebook. So, how do I feel?

Ok. I will admit it’s been a bit strange not having all that noise intermixed with some fun conversations but overall I’m good with it.

Admittedly, I’m still writing a bunch of shit – but for a much smaller audience. In fact, most of the time probably just me…

That too is ok. We all need to vent a bit and this is easy for me.

It does make staying in touch with people much harder but then you have to question why? We have had the phone, texting and email for a long time now – Skype or Face time if you can bear to look at the person. To be honest when I lived in France I used to really enjoy skyping daughter Jenny despite the poor internet connection those days which often made everything look like slow motion or frozen…

The reality is that Facebook is very easy to use and to keep in touch with people but it can often be too casual or too intense. It does not necessarily make you less lonely and I think that for many people it gives them the pretence of a busy and fruitful life surrounded by friends.

It also takes up a lot of your time. People often decide to just ‘pop’ on for a few minutes and leave hours later…

People can’t even leave it alone in the company of real friends. They want to share all their life experiences – all the time.

It is an addiction in my view and the negatives outweigh the positives. We live in a fractured society and it is the easiest way of keeping in touch with people. Whether it is a good solution depends on your viewpoint…

Originally, there was My Space, Friends Reunited (which I quite liked!) and now Facebook. Young people are moving to Snapchat and Instagram which are even more superficial platforms…

Even Facebook is concerned that it’s not actually a social sharing platform anymore and that people are more likely to share something they found on the web be it a meme or political comment than something personal.

Years ago your network of friends was much smaller and you might be more inclined to share stuff albeit more mundane things about your life but now there seems to be a pressure to be seen as socially responsible, politically astute, funny and to take the moral high ground – not things I’m particularly comfortable with…

So, love it or hate it there may be some other social construct to come… or maybe we should all make more effort to talk and meet up?

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  1. I have noticed on FB that there are so many negative and sometimes downright nasty comments nowadays. I am definitely going to engage with more relatives this year hoping we can arrange a huge meet up at least once a year



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