Nasal Hair – Boon or Bane?

Hair! What is it good fur (?) – absolutely nothing – to paraphrase Edwin Starr – or is it?
We are born hairless – or mostly.

Apparently pre-birth we ALL grow a fine moustache which spreads over our bodies and then we eat it all before we are born!

I grew up not caring about my hair or clothes until my teenage years. Girls of course, from quite an early age, were given dolls with hair that they would brush and mothers tended to make more of a fuss of their daughters hair…

I, like many other boys suffered a bit from the ‘bowl’ cut i.e. Your mother would put a bowl on your head and cut round it leaving you looking a bit like a monk…

Here’s one of me at about 12

Me at 26 – not much better…

Anyway, as we approach middle age and our bodies start to droop and our hair starts to recede… Well, it recedes in one place only to appear more profusely in many other places!

For example, the hair that we treasure so much appears mostly on our head. Some, of course (or should that be coarse?) are interested in hair much lower down and like to keep that looking smart as in a Brazilian…

It was 1915 in the USA before women started shaving underarms and that was due to the fashion – sleeveless dresses in particular. This is sensible apparently because, in general hair can prove a breeding ground for bacteria.

It wasn’t until the 40’s that women started shaving their legs with the advent of sheer stockings and higher cut dresses. The misery that women go through with their shaving or hair removal regime is appalling…

As boys we couldn’t wait to get a bit of hair on our faces – the first wispy pretences we would lovingly sport in an attempt to look more manly. These wispy references would revisit us again with the head hair comb-overs – life can be cruel…

We are all brainwashed to agree with current fashion trends. I remember being disgusted back in the 80’s when I was with a French girl who had hairy armpits! It momentarily killed the passion for me but actually there’s nothing wrong with it.

Likewise, my dad had a very hairy chest which I found really weird. Again nothing wrong with that.. It was a bit like Sean Connery’s.

There’s been a big trend since 2013 for men to have beards and Braun carried out a survey indicating that 67% of men now wore beards. As many surveys have failed to find that women prefer men with beards (in fact they prefer smooth skinned men – I’m over here!) psychologists have suggested that males with beards tend to appear more dominant and masculine – at least to themselves..?

However, as our head hair starts to thin out in later life women (and probably some men!) begin to use these products that fluff their hair out so it looks more bouffant. Some go for wigs but more common these days is the numbered haircut which I agree looks a lot better than a comb over but still seems brutish.

The worst part of ageing though is when extravagant amounts of hair start growing out of your nose. I remember being with a Dutch colleague and I was fascinated by the sheer length and thickness of his nasal hair. He seemed unconcerned and I didn’t mention it…

The ears too can produce more hair than they used to although not normally as much as the nose.

It’s the pain of extracting this nasal hair that upsets me. I have never used any electronic devices. I am a tweezers kind of guy. The thing is that if you forget for a while it can be really painful.

At the end of the day all this is about fashion. In fact, it can be dangerous to remove nasal hair like I do because they keep out germs and by the areas where you have pulled the follicles out germs can enter.

The thing is that it really is a case of ‘Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow’ for the head hair.

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  1. I hate it when people neglect their appearance and let their nasal, ears and eyebrows run riot. I use a Philips trimmer to keep everything under control.



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