Tea strains it’s position..

Horrifically, in terms of beverages drunk out of the home tea (breakfast tea) is now in 4th place…

However, I believe the real reason for its slip in popularity is that you cannot buy a decent cup of tea from any of the places you go to. I think that there is a real demand for Tea Rooms or parlours that make a range of excellent tea..

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3 Replies to “Tea strains it’s position..”

  1. Agreed most outlets make horrible weak tea.
    The only places you will get a decent brew are transport cafes and greasy spoon joints. Remember the “Bears Head” in Altrincham Nick?
    They used to serve steaming hot builders tea in blue and white striped pint mugs. Magnificent!


  2. Blimey Peter that name sends a shock of recognition through the old system! I don’t think I’ve thought of that place for 40 years. You are correct though sir – magnificent!



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